For those who would like a professional plan drawn up for their yard and garden, look no further. Our friendly Design Consultant has a wealth of knowledge in local plantings and design for your benefit. We will explore your needs then send you a detailed, yet easily understood design which then can be interpreted by either yourself or a construction professional...like us.

Typical full yard plans include:

  • Species and placement specifications for trees
  • Shrubs, perennials, and ground cover
  • Placement specification for driveways
  • Pathways and Patios
  • Bedding lines
  • Major irrigation components
  • Lighting and water features
  • ... and much more


For good reason, many clients require a great deal of detail for their landscape design. This larger format design provides easily understood and interpretable planting and feature design which is accurate to your specific property dimensions. Your beautiful design can be made on up to 11'x17' paper. Once received, this may be followed simply and to the foot by either yourself or a landscape contractor...we suggest Ahlstedt's Landscape Contracting...naturally.


  • -Initial visit at 3 hours, including measurements
  • -on site yard diagnosis and plant consultation
  • -sketch design of proposal
  • -home delivery of physical design

Pricing starting at: $1900

For Design booking and pricing: Call us at: 306-664-6849


This regular format design provides all the planting and feature elements needed for an easy interpretation of you and your designers vision. Sketches also allow the client to visualize a planting concept more clearly, lending more confidence for moving forward with the construction.


  • -2 1/2 hour on site yard diagnosis
  • -plant consultation, and
  • -sketch design

Pricing starting at: $500

For Design booking and pricing: Call us at: 306-664-6849